Victoria’s Restaurante: Plentiful tastiness at a price anyone could love

I’ve said it before: Lima more than makes up for its lousy weather with one of the best food scenes on the planet. The eats here are cheap, plentiful and oh-so-delicious. And for me, there’s one spot in particular that perfectly encapsulates these qualities: the small, unassuming but ultimately sublime Victoria’s Restaurante.

The Milanesa, my dish of choice at Victoria's.

The place is right across the street from where I work, which is good, because I’ve taken to going there for lunch every other day.  At Victoria’s, you can get a solid three course meal — that’s soup, a main dish (perfectly balanced with meat, vegetables, rice and papas fritas) and dessert — for 9 soles (roughly $3.50). And with its highly efficient to the point of being abrupt waitstaff, you can rest assured that your meal will be served to you within 20 minutes of walking in the door. All in all, and all hyperbole aside, the place is a gift from the food gods to the citizens of Lima.

But that isn’t to say that Victoria’s is perfect; The food there will not knock your socks off. But it’s good, solid, hardy food — perfect for a mild winter’s day in Lima. My favorite (oh, let’s be honest, the only dish I ever get) is the Milanesa. It’s breaded chicken served with rice, salad and french fries. I eat it with Victoria’s spicy-sweet aji sauce, which gives it a much needed kick.

Anyway, I could wax poetic about Victoria’s all day, but that wouldn’t do you or anybody else any good. If you’re in Lima, my advice to you is to give it a try. Tell Victoria that gringo who shows up every second day at one o’clock sent you.

You can find Victoria’s across the street from Gold’s Gym, near the corner of Alfredo Benavides and Larco in Miraflores.

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    • Yes it is. It’s unique to Peru. I think I’ve read that Peru is the only country in the world where a local soda outsells Coca Cola — though Coca Cola bought Inca Cola several years ago. It tastes sort of like bubble gum.

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