Spring Has Sprung

For nearly three months now, I’ve been complaining to all who will listen about the absolutely exasperating lack of sunlight in Lima. A thick haze called garua hangs over the city for six months of the year, blotting out the sun and its life giving rays. You stop noticing after awhile, that is, until you travel a few miles outside the city and realize what you’ve been missing.

Well, I finally got what I wanted. The sun has been peaking out more and more lately — the result of a shift from the cold, gloomy season to the hot, humid and bright season. Right now, I’d say it’s the mostly cold and gloomy but sometimes sunny season. But I’m not complaining. After weeks of next to nothing in the natural light department, I’ll take all that I can get.

The sun sets behind palm trees in the La Molina district of Lima.

One thing I’ve noticed is that the sun completely transforms this city. Many critics have called Lima ugly, but I think that’s more a reflection of the garua than anything else. When the sun is shining, this city suddenly feels like a vibrant, Latin American capital, rather than some forsaken, grimy outpost at the edge of the Earth.

To drive my point home, I’ve included a couple pictures from the same spot on my roof in Miraflores. Here’s the before…

And after…

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  1. Can’t help but smile each time I read about another one of your adventures in Lima! Thanks for such vivid descriptions and pictures. (:

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