Open Letter to Jimmy John’s

Dear Jimmy John’s:

How’s it going? It’s been awhile since I last gluttonously devoured one of your sandwiches.. erm… since we last talked. Say, I was thinking of sandwi… ahem… business opportunities in the developing world the other day and I thought of you. I’m sure you’ve been keeping busy expanding your sandwich empire across the continental United States, but before you build yet another franchise for some jerks in Minneapolis who only have to drive ten minutes for the nearest… I mean…  in a market that’s already saturated, you may want to stop and consider a property in an up-and-coming corner of the developing world.

Coming soon to a calle near you? A Jimmy John's in Willmar, Minn... as if the sandwich-rich city needed one with an Erbert's and Gerbert's already down the street.

Yes, of course I’m talking about Lima. You’ve likely heard about this Latin American city and its love of sandwiches. Heck, they ought to call this place Sandwich City for the passion its residents hold for meat and vegetables wedged between two slices of bread (and the money they dish out for it.. wink, wink… nudge, nudge). And property here is cheap, particularly in the hip, sandwichey district of Barranco. Come to think of it, a building on Calle Independencia directly across from an orange and white apartment complex would be an ideal place for a franchise sandwich shop.  I have no doubt your unique blend of quality subs and freaky fast delivery would be a hit amongst this neighborhood’s expat-who-hasn’t-been-home-for-eight-months-and-has-a-ravenous-desire-for-submarine-sandwiches demographic.

Anyway, I’m just an American in a strange land desperate for a salami sandwi…. I mean… a humble business observer doing what I can to guide sandwich capital to its most productive ends. Here’s hoping you heed my advice, and watch the money roll in amongst layers of mayonnaise, honey ham and fresh-baked bread.

You’re welcome.

Eric Ludy
Sandwich Business Consultant/Hungry Person

6 thoughts on “Open Letter to Jimmy John’s

  1. I sincerely concur with this request. I suggest organizing another naked bike ride through Barranco and La Molina to get Jimmy John’s down here.

  2. Ha, that’s funny. I can see how you would be craving something you can only get in the U.S. after being in Lima for so long. However, as someone who only gets to visit Lima once or twice a year, I would take a butifarra or one of the many other pork sandwiches they make at sangucherias in Lima – you know, the ones where they roast a big ham and carve fresh slices off, top with onions and put in between fresh baked bread – over a Jimmy John’s or Subway sub with cheap, processed deli meats any day! Trust me, you may not have the variety of sandwiches over there, but you have access to much higher quality food at a cheap price. I am still drooling over the sandwich I had at Sangucheria El Chinito last year. Check out #4

    • Oh yes, I know Sangucheria El Chinito well. Best sandwich I’ve had in Lima by far. And that’s coming from a guy who eats a lot of sandwiches.

  3. Don’t know the degree of severity as in regards to Jimmy Johns, since I’m originally from California, but I’d be willing to sign a petition with whomever to get a source for my unsustained bagel addiction. There are no bagels here in Lima!! What’s up with that??? A sandwich is a sandwich, but a bagel is heaven.

  4. Have you seen the Jimmy John’s impersonator on Benavides in Miraflores – it is next to a Mexican joint. What a tease.

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